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    Details On Cadillac Car Values

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    Despite the slowing global economy, the Cadillac is one of the luxury cars that are doing pretty well according to industry experts. Thus, if you own one of this General Motors luxury brand, it may be a good time to sell your car now. But of course, you need to understand that the resale value of your Cadillac will largely depend on its model, maintenance, condition, and other factors. Although there are some misses in the history of the Cadillac brand, it seems that the market still considers it as one of the best luxury brands in the US because of its elegance and style.

    According to consumer report groups, the Cadillac, which was introduced in the US in 1902, has excellent ratings for its transmission, exhaust, climate system, suspension, engine, brakes, and even exterior looks. However, it scored low in power equipment and drive system. So if you plan to sell your car, you have to stress to your buyer the fact that Cadillac cars have superb ratings on the several qualities. Naturally, if you are selling something, you have to play up its good points rather than its bad ones. However, it is not really a good idea to lie just to get a big resale price.

    When it comes to selling brand new vehicles, the price of Cadillac is competitive. For example, a Buick Lucerne CXS, a luxury brand that is the main competitor of Cadillac CTS, sells at about $36,500. Meanwhile, the price range of a new Cadillac CTS is between $32,000 and $36,000. When it comes to resale values, this luxury brand fairs better compared to other US-made luxury vehicles, but the rate could be much lower than German-created cars. For example, if you have a 2006 Cadillac CTS, you can sell your car at about $23,000. This is higher compared to the resale price of $18,000 for a 2006 Buick Lucerne CXS. However that price is significantly lower compared to the $30,000 resale value of a 2006 Mercedes Benz C Class Sport Sedan.

    There are really a lot of factors that dictate the residual value of an automobile. However, when it comes to the Cadillac brand, you can surely get a high resale price if the car that you have can be considered as a well-maintained vintage. Collectors are usually willing to pay a big amount just so you will sell your car to them. But if the Cadillac you have is a newer model, then you should expect that the value of your car would depreciate fast as the years go by.


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