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    Selling Chevy Cars

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    Gone are the days when the US market was dominated by US carmakers, which include General Motors. Hence, if you have a Chevrolet and you are selling your car, you might find that its resale value is much lower than its Japanese-made counterparts. However, one good thing about owning a Chevy is that there is a market for its muscle cars like Impala and Corvette, especially the older versions. No matter what the price of fuel is, there will still be individuals who would not lose interest in a gas-guzzler Chevy to add to their collection.

    GM's Chevrolet brand of cars was introduced in the US market in 1911. Although GM has other brands of vehicles, the Chevy became the darling of the car loving crowd because of its classic style, superb engine, and the overall image that is linked to the brand itself. Due to the current economic crisis and the increasing popularity of Japanese-made cars, however, Chevy and other US-made cars are losing their traction in the US. So it’s really not surprising that if you have a Chevy and you are selling your car, you will realize that its residual value is far less than its counterparts in Honda and even parts when replacing broken parts on your Chevy. A car with all original parts is much desirable to buyers, especially collectors. Lastly, it may be a better idea to sell your car privately. If you are in a dire need, then you have no choice but to sell it to a dealer, however, don't be surprised if the dealer would give you a very low price for your car

    In order to get the best quote when you are selling your car, you have to know the average resale value of the model and brand that you are selling in the market. To give you an idea, a 2006 Chevy Cobalt car with a suggested retail price of $12,400 has a resale value of around $10,000. Meanwhile, you can sell a 2005 Chevy Tahoe at around $9,900 if well-maintained or just about $5,200 if in a not so good condition.


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